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Paid Opportunity


The offer is simple. if you want to make money, promote a page.

To earn money from a link which we will give you register first.

It costs you £25.00 to register and we offer you .005 per click.

500 click will earn you £2.50. 5000 clicks will earn you £25.00

You have this for a 3 month period then you reregister for more gains.

Each time you register your points per click increases by .001

Now with some free tips how would this look?

If you got a 6-1 winner like I did today (4/8/19) and you staked £6.00 on it you would get your money back.

Surfing then would not look so miniscule.

It would be there in the background. However when some one comes in after you I will ad .002 units to your

surfing ratio. so .005 will become .007 where 500 clicks will earn you an extra pound.

what will your earnings be like if I gave you some tips over a week.

Well lets say you get 3-1 on average and you spend £10.00 per day. for the remaining five days you would make £150.00.

At present I have started doing some doubles and if you were to get a free tip you would do even better.

You would be wise to combine this offer with other offers on this site to make even more money.

The real Mccoy only has a few days left Do not delay I will be pulling that down soon. Check the Tab above.


Register here

If you take up my offer on the previous tab ( Business Generator) I  will increase your value per click to .008 and you will get a few more tips

which will increase your income even more. You must have £10.00 in your account before we make a payment.

This is a partnership and to sweeten things even more we will go for a group win.

That means we will go for a multiple bet which we all can have a share of which will add to the excitement.

When you register I will generate a link for you so that I can track your activity. Please allow some time for me to get in touch especially if you join on a weekend.

One more offer, if you recommend someone use the contact form to give me their email address. They must is turn use the contact form to tell me which offer they have joined. When that is confirmed I will give you twice the value of your clicks todate.

This page should be getting a lot of traffic if you are working things the right way and you should be getting returns that make a difference to your life.

Free money check it out here

No autosurf or Hitleap . Your account will be suspended if you use any of those services.