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Are you on top of your world?   Place yourself in the piuture on top of a crest.

Are things working out for you? Seven is perfection. Is your plan perfect?

Three more places are needed to make this live

Get paid directly into your Paypal account

You could earn up to  £500.00 this month if you are smart . You could also earn £5000.00 if you are patient for a few months. All you have to do is make up another place and position yourself to receive payments into your Paypal account.

If you have always wanted to make money on the internet this is your chance.

You could do the unthinkable and promote this page. especially if you are a member of both programs.

Why would you want to do that when it seems there is no incentive?

I live by figures. Everything I have seen in the time that I have been doing this has a numerical interpretation.

With a little effort you can find it. When you do, it will pay you dividends.

Look at all the other tabs and see that each of them has a different system.

Here is where you figure big time.

I'm not in the big league yet but I major in perfection. What that means is I win enough times to make this worth while.

that's what I mean by figures don't lie.

If you follow the information that is available you can set up literally any business you like and in time you will find

that you will make enough to sustain yourself. In other words you will have the same potential as me.

People don't come in droves. Getting conversions is hard work.

The thing about being patient is, it pays.

You need money to build a business. you need money to invest in yourself. Business does not flow if you do not put cash into it.

Now most people go into business to make profit. we want profit but we are about creating momentum.

If you start a business you are going to be a bit nervous at first as there is the real possibility the business may collapse and you lose your capital.

With this site if I make zero I'm still in business but if you join then I become happy and I also get a chance to make money for you.

Not many people can say if they get zero they are still in business.

Because of figures I can make a hit that gives me a return. Losing today is not as devastating as it used to be in the past.

I am more financially stable so a loss is not a crisis.

How about you ?Can you say that about your operation?

For me being in business is exciting because of the potential it has. You cannot get much differential from the banks. Shop keepers cannot afford to give you a lot of discount and life is getting meaner as time goes by.

At least in a 9-5 job yes you get decent money but you do not have the control over inflation, rising cost of living.

You may find it hard to do interviews. If your boss thinks you want to leave him that may cause problems.

Basically you are up against it.

What have you got here that will make you be able to walk out on your boss.

An ever increasing pot of money. You contribute and get the affiliate offers ticking. That is my own personal commissions.

However I'm going to use funds from there to build a pool of money that you can get a share of.

At first it will be small but it could also be big.

There are three things we need, wins, loses and time. If you win you get elated. if you loses it opens your eyes and you try to close in the gaps. You need time to overcome the losses and that is what more capital does for you. However you are all the time making more money.

Here we are talking money, that is money talk.

One vital element that will enable you to build finance to much higher levels. Your ability to win, to place and to combinate on a regular basis. This is the one key factor to being wealthy. I am at the low end but it is coming like a peal of thunder.

I have the element and that is the information. it is purely mathematical and instinctive. I use the racing post and that is all I need. I have many procedures.

It works in my favor but I still get flummuxed by the jockeys and trainers. They keep you on your toes much of the time.

The downside is they are humans just like me and you and you can fool the folks some of the time but not all of the time.

when they are not able to fool us we are on them like a ton of bricks.

That's where you want to be friend. Everyday that you let this go by you are losing money.

Each day that goes by I'm getting smarter and learning more of their tricks. when Im hurt the most that is when I get

more key angles. The better I become is the better my angles become and the easier I am able to make money.

thats what you are missing out on by not being on this page. I do not only want your custom I want to make money for you.

Show me that you are considerate take up an offer and I will get working. I'm not internet savy. Yes I know my way around a lot more now. I have a system that I am allowed to give away so when you join me I will gladly let you have a copy.

one thing I can say that it's good but it is a bit trial and error. However the way to succeed is to combine more that one system together. So you can use my system to build up a bank then get experience with the system which I will give you totally free of cost and make more money for yourself. Another key factor is this. this is not an affiliate offer so you won't see a ton of people promoting this. Ask me for a link and I will create one and let you promote this page. You must be an affiliate to do this, see top of page. The link I will give you will enable me to see how many hits you are getting. use the contact form and I will make you a private offer.

I hope you have enjoyed this page I can say you will absolutely make a lot of money if you are twofold in nature , do some affiliate marketing and take advantage of the offers on this site. Remember figures don't lie.

Joseph Hotence