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All for a one time payment of £2.00.


The first step is to double it . The next step is to refer a friend within 30 days.

If you refer a friend we will ad £2.00 each month to your balance.

17/9/19 7.00 p.m. Newcastle  Lasting Legacy was (starting price) in paper 13/2 it won at 50-1 had 1.50 each way bet a nice £100.00

Nice bets like this do come along. Think about what you are missing not being on this page.

19/9/19 3:30 Ayr Encapsulation won for us @ 9/2 another £100.00 including stake in the bag.

If you miss out on that we won't add anything to your account but if you make up later we

will update your account accordingly.


 In a short while you make over £150.00 with this offer

Where else can you get a £15000.00 credit limit

You get a fantastic 10% on the credits limit for each person you bring in plus 5% on anybody your refererrals bring in.

10 people could earn you £5000.00.

You could earn a tidy sum if you are active.

Reads the whole page and go to our payment page for more information

It is stated that it takes 8-20 views before some one decides to buy. That's why you see

a flood of DFY products. ( Done for you).


We have to put performance data in place to make this workable.

There will be banners and links to offers on this page. This can add to your success.

wherever you are in the cycle I will double your money . It pays to market with us as that means more money in your pockets.


Being that we are very low cost we set a threshold of 200 members before we release any cash.

If you introduce 3 or more members in a month we will quadruple your fee and you will get £3.00

added each month to your account. 


when someone you recommend recruits another person you get double your balance where ever in the cycle it happens. You can tie that person to you by giving me their Paypal receipt number.

Include yours as well for good measure.

I cannot give you free information on its own or else I would not make a living so we have kept our prices very low.

There is a lot of good money to be made in racing but realise we are tailoring our product to match the vagaries that exist in this field.


We can make good money but we need the numbers. I do have resources but not enough to get

the opportunities that come with more cash flow. Having more cash is not the be all and end all.

You have to know how to hold your nerve ,big cash has a way of disappearing so

it  needs skill to get the results we want.


When we reach the place where we are able to propel ourselves to a higher level you all will get a
£50.00 bonus.


What I use to get the kind of result I get each day you won't find in text books.

It comes from over 20 years of building information. I do not pay contacts for it.

I use the Racing Post and I have many years of experience using their data.

You have to know how to interpret data and you also need horse sense.

Some may call that intuition.

I do not go to race courses so I'm short on visual ability with regards to horses.

However from the information I have developed I can strip the deadwood out of a field and then combinate the rest for profit.


Racing is a mine field you can get it totally wrong and the animals are no different.

they mess up and it costs you but they are also good servants and a lot of the time you come

away laughing.

There are levels of performance. Profit and static and slightly under.

In my game I lose slowly and make rapid gains or steady gains.



No business I know gives you so much for just a £2.00 investment.

I also give you a credit limit to start with. If you join me in the next 30 days I will give you a

Limit of £15000.


When you reach that I will turf you out and you can start again on different terms.

If you join beyond the grace period your limit will be £5000.00.

We will review that as we go according to how you perform.

Wouldn't you say that this is pretty impressive for just a £2.00 investment.

For just £2.00 you could make some life changing money.


I have to tell you that your credit will not be paid as a lump sum. we will consider the risks and pay accordingly.


I have tried to make this as quick and lucrative as possible. Let me demonstrate to you that

you can make over 50k this year. I have not mentioned it above but for brevity sake I have proven it in other blogs that I run.


I wish you good success

Joseph Hortence



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