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Welcome to My Website!

How can you make more money from this system ?

Membership is £25.00 to begin with.

We want this site to be very attractive so we will give you at least two payouts before you are asked to contribute again.

You can recommend others to this site but we have to stipulate that we have at least 10 members before we will make a payout.

Our system is not electronic so everything we do involves some admin. Understand that I would rather not have to use Paypal so I will give you a bank account that you can put the money directly. You must keep in contact with me at all times so that I can keep things up to date. Here is the contact point

Use the site contact point it is generally quicker

Metro Bank  sort code  23-05-80  Account Number 10411963
you can also post it to:

47a Fernhurst Road, Fulham ,London SW6 7JN  Contact: Joseph Hortence

I live in the United Kingdom but feel free to use whatever means possible.


You get £15.00 for every person you recommend. If you paid by Paypal give your friend your paypal Id so that I can link them to you. They must make a point of using the contact point to inform me. If they pay into the bank account they must also inform me and give some sort of reference including postal address.

There will be random bonuses for those who create activity. There will also be a bonuses when we are able to launch any business concern of ours.

When you build the membership to a required level which is known by me you will also get another bonus which is to say thankyou for enabling us.

When I receive something from you in the post I will also acknowledge that with a bonus to suit.

When you have been in the system for some time you will be surprised with another bonus. ( Im not telling you, wait and see)

I have not gone into great  details on other fronts as to track record. 6 Years plus, I have seen it myself,I read it from others. I believe in doing it direct, the tyre is on the road and ready to roll. Seeing is believing. I do not believe in gloss, Results is our talk. I have done over 20 years in research and most of my competitors are asking questions that tells me they do not have it. The few that do will be valuable to us. All the years and positioning doesn't say much
when you pay and get nothing back. Enough, this is the deal and it is covered by a few words honesty and reliability.