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I'm not talking about food but good offers. Saw something today that I liked but the currency was wrong.

I will attempt to offer something as close to what I saw.

Lets look at how we make money here.

The principal thing - we select winners and place quite often. We are therefore able to get value

for money.

That being the case we are different in that we are not here to give you free tips and leave it there.

Free tips is not our first thing. We offer a service and in order to help you to get the most out of the service

we would throw in a few free tips.


If it cost 50k and upwards you need to be in our program. If you want to get on the

property ladder then this might help you.

Do not laugh this off, this page is to short to tell you the whole story.

Use the contact form and make sure to put the page details or Top Projects.

When I receive your reply I will send you our aims and how we intend to achieve it.

This is a limited offer it will close once we have enough replies.

The contack form is in the menu above