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what stops you from making money?

Your perceptions. If you see this "horse Racing" you may have a negative perseption.

Your experience: you may have had a bad experience.

Your attitude:

The internet has given a lot people a bad experience so it is on an equal par with HR.

What if you had a different attitude your experience could change.

I am not making the earth from the internet but definitely from horse racing.

Some time ago I was expecting to make sales from showing you my site.

I'm not depending on that any more.

I have been down the route of systems and Click Bank products.

I have improved on them by a country mile to give you the confidence you need..

We have had a winner each day on our free bet trial.

I am offering you something that is workable. If you are motivated by making money

you need to take this on board.


In the last two weeks I have been getting excellent returns. I cannot be more pleased than I am at the moment.

It is absolutely marvelous.

I am totally dependent on the accuracy of my information. It all comes from The Racing Post.

If you want to win more and lose less you need to get on board.

You can join with me for a  fee of  £25.00.

This is a repeater fee that will ensure you build cash perpetually.

You get £60.00 back. You pay again and get £70.00.

This will continue until you reach £300.00.

When you reach £300.00 you pay £30.00 and get back £80.00 you repeat until you make £700.00 instead of a £10.00

increase you get a £20.00 increase on each movement.

Now This is going to be a special.

On the next level you pay £40.00 to make £2500.00 and it will be £50.00 per transaction until you receive £2500.00.

If you can read you can make money. People judge money by how good the graphic are in front of them.

This is not about traffic or graphic design. if you want traffic check my Traffic Mania page.

I want the excitment of succeeding as a group so don't leave this on the back burner.

If no response is received I will take down this offer.

Now that I have given you proof I won't forget to pull down this offer

£700.00 to £2500.00 is quite a leap. The next leap will be very dramatic.

If you are not in within the next 30 days you might miss out on a treble.

would £7000 to £20000 appeal to you?

When you register I will know you are serious.

I have removed the payment button this is a disabled page. The info is there just to remind me.

Send me a message if you want it to be re-instated.

I am getting a hell of a kick when I collect after a race. who doesn't you can get the same excitement by being a member here.

If you are not in this you love the bookie more than you love yourself.

Check out our place pot position it promises to be massive

Today (16/7/19we are at Beverly in the 4:15pm I like Ghayyar at 15/8 back him to win but put a small e/way on him just in case.

We lost out on the forcaste and would of suffered if 5 ran. Thanks to the non runner we made a profit. The each way on How Bizarre went on the win.

Tomorrow we are in the 3:50pm Uttoxeter . It is a jumps metting it opens at 3-1 so there is some value available. one bet is not wenough to prove how good we are so take advantage.

Unfortunately I was out late last night and got up late and not enough time to do a full analysis. probably better for us as it is a messy race . Lots of casualties and without all the procedures not able to see a stand out contender. I am diving in but not putting thids one on record. Comrade Conrad, Supreme Steel. Lord conti looks a dark horse and victarion . Victorian won for us and so even on a bad day we did well.

I had a knee injury so am out of action. I will see what I can do tomorrow so keep an eye out.

4.00pm Nottingham Friday 19/07/19 This will be the last taster. if you want more you will have to register.

I have 3 propositions for you. Great Example, he is the popular vote I'm giving him a cautionary backing as He may be vulnerable in the finishing stages.

He may be given the
victory  he is No4 on the card.

No 2 Kripke is a deceptive character where figures are concerned so not taking chances with that one back him each way. Make sure to use him to cover any bet you place on Great Example. Lastly but not least No5 My boy Sepoy an outsider that will be pleasing if he makes the frame.

If it goes badly for us I will give you another free bet. next bet information on Monday 22/7/19

We got the winner and he won decisively so can't take anything from him. I was not pleased however the packaging did not make for great gain. Some people feel they have given value when they give you a few odds on shots. I will give value for money

stick with me and you will see.

Today Tuesday (23/7/19) we are in the 3:30pm Musselburgh. There is a lot of value in this race but with races like this it is very tricky. If we get just two we would be laughing.It is common just before race time to lose a place so 8 might turn into 7 to upset our balnce but lets see.

We still have 8 runners within the hour, lets hope it doesnt change. I would concentrate on the top 4 in the betting.

Tom Tulliver does nt show up well on paper, those horses often wins so he has to be considered.

Dandizette beat another so sets a standard. Exclusively has 2 ticks as trianer trained and Dazzling Des shows good on paper.

Dandizette and Dazzling Des I would consider Each way bets but take it easy. Exclusively and Tom Tulliver which one will turn up we have to wait and see.

Dandizette was the winner and pity we didnt get a follow up. I liked Harswell but with so many to choose from he got left out . I was reeling when he came in at 18-1 nevermind we got the winner. I took the price at 6-1 he went off at 5-1.

Well i have done my bit the rest is for you to choose. This page has become long because of it but that's it now.

If you want to get advises I will extend it to next Monday just pay £3.00 at the registration link above  to get the information direct to your inbox.

See what we have next it is huge

click here to see how you can get 5 free bets

When you are done use the contact form to advise me of your action.

This is my sole source of income apart from what I get for my age. I have no idea who is following the advises. if you want to upgrade then when we get a winner or a place can you use the regisrter button and send me £1.50. I will get in touch with you and let you know what you are in for in making such a wise decision.